If You're Not Whitening, You're Yellowing

Your smile is the often the first thing that people see!

Yellowing teeth is often associated with age. Teeth whitening is one of the quickest and most effective ways to make you look and feel younger!

The good news? We have multiple whitening treatment options for you!



What can I use to whiten my teeth? And how are they different?

  • Whitening Stripes

    • These are easily purchased over-the-counter

    • They may whiten your teeth a shade or two but doesn’t whiten the entire tooth

    • Great sensitivity

    • Easily gets on your gums and can be messy

  • Professional Take-Home Trays

    • Provides long-term results

    • Accurately hugs your teeth

    • Decreased sensitivity

    • Convenient, can be easily worn while relaxing in front of the TV or while running errands!

  • In-office Whitening

    • Can whiten your teeth by multiple shades

    • Quick results

    • Short one-hour procedure

    • Best used with Take-Home trays

    • Just one dental visit!

What should I expect?

There may be some sensitivity associated with bleaching. If you experience sensitivity, try brushing with sensitive toothpaste. Avoid extremely cold beverages. Discuss with Dr. Liang if desensitizers or fluoride treatments are needed. If your sensitivity results from take-home trays, you may need a lower solution concentration.

At Avant Dentistry, we offer a combination of professional take-home and in-office trays. Together, these procedures will whiten and brighten your smile! We want to help you build ageless confident smiles!